Everestglow Sunglasses

The world’s most famous sunglasses has been completely redesigned and reimagined. The new Everest sunglasses is sexier, super light weight and flexible, and more comfortable, with  high hardness and perfect gloss.

Look at the world, with different eyes

Perfect for any season. No easy to burn,  the color not easily affected by the Ultraviolet light and color.  big hardness,  perfect glossiness. Style and design is verry nice. High quality driving sunglasses.

  • High end quality carbon fiber material
  • Classic square design shape
  • High Quality Hinges with Teflon Coated Screw
  • 3A grade TAC polarized lenses, UVA/UVB ultraviolet light protection
  • Comfort wearing, fashion

The Complete Set of Accessories

Carbon is the preferred material of many luxury manufacturers. But why is that, what are the differences to ordinary materials.
The reason for this is the nature of the material, it is a super robust and super light fabric. Its extreme strength is highly appreciated in the automotive industry. It allows designers to develop high quality, shapely and super ergonomic shapes.
Companies like Lamborghini and Ferrari use these advantages in racing and luxury brand manufacturers for yachts, jewelry and accessories.
The carbon fiber consists of a microscopically fine crystal structure composed mainly of carbon atom atoms. Small crystals are thus connected to each other at the atomic level and thereby hold together the thousands of carbon strands. The carbon fiber strands are figuratively woven into different shapes and connected. A single strand has an incredible diameter of 0.005-0.010 mm. For comparison, human hair has a density of 0.04 – 0.12 mm.


The Complete Set of Accessories

Is delivered with the main accessories to start immediately. So you always know your glasses safely stowed away and can free you from annoying dirt and fingerprints at any time.

New Styl Color MIX

Beats Assorted Color Headphone that is specifically engineered to bring out the best elements of today’s rap and rock music.

What is the next steps?

coming soon...

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